For whom the deepest level of hell is reserved (and it’s not the shooter, though he’s there too)

With the grief and terror still very fresh, and the realization that we’ve once again been reminded how fragile life is – particularly young life – and how dark the deep recesses of some minds and some hearts in this country still remain settling over the land like a dense fog, and with the perpetrator sufficiently dead, it is understandably common for people to cast about for someone to blame. At a time like this, it is unwise to paint a target on yourself by throwing up comments like this:

Shooters attack an elementary school in CT – another “gun-free zone.” Makes children sitting ducks.

A tweet from Bryan Fischer, “the extreme right-wing “Christian” radio jock who hates, you know, everyone.” Charlie Pierce agrees, naming Fischer “bloodthirsty schmuck of the year,” and adding, “I dearly wish I believed more strongly in a hell.”

Unwise, you raging lunatic asshole. Very unwise. You seem like the type who might like to lead a lynch mob, but if you see one forming up, I wouldn’t be so quick to run towards them…

(Just discovered that his ill-advised tweet wasn’t nearly enough for Lord Hatemonger. He went much farther. Click at your own risk.)


Mike Huckabee has jumped on the opportunist-asshole bandwagon with an assertion that, to my mind, is just as bad as Fischer’s, arguably worse. Nothing like a school shooting to get everybody pushing their pet issues. If I were a much lesser person – an un-thinking, simpleminded jackass – I would engage with Huckabee in order to make the opposite assertion. But I can’t help but think I’m superior to this line of thinking, as is anyone else who rejects it.

  1. Big Chairs said:

    I am no longer amazed at all of the rhetoric and self imposed authoritative bias from all of the “experts” on such a horrific act. All of these resent mass shootings only empowers Obama and his supports to further his agenda for gun control. 

    It appears to me this crazed person must of thought what can I do that has not been done before, attack an elementary school. Yep, that is something that has not been done before here in the United States. But in 2004, Russian terriost took an elementary school hostage. In the aftermath 385 people were dead.

    So everyone ask how can this be stopped? The answer is it can’t. No amount of security or gun control will ever be able to stop mass shootings.

  2. kipp said:

    I agree that more or stronger gun control legislation is not going to solve this problem at all. For my thoughts on Obama’s “agenda for gun control,” see the article I just wrote, “The Obama Gun Myth.”

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