To me, this is the most damning evidence I’ve yet seen against Obama.

Dandelion Salad

by Jill Dalton
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
February 9, 2013
Note: replaced and revised, February 11, 2013

As I head west on Chambers Street toward the Court House I hear a huge roar followed by loud chanting ricocheting off the stone walls of the buildings and I’m elated. This is amazing, I think. There must be hundreds of people protesting the NDAA outside 40 Centre Street. But then I realize the protest is the transit workers’ school bus strike, now in its third week. I stop to take a few photos and give them a thumbs up before continuing along my route.

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  1. Big Chairs said:

    Jill Dalton has put into words how I feel about Obama, government and corporate America all working together not for what’s best for the majority but what will benefit them and the top 1 percent of America. The question is asked why there wasn’t a public outcry about NDAA. Well, if corporate media is not going to report about an attack on American rights how is the public to be informed that such a thing is happening? This goes to show that Obama isn’t focusing his attention on the economy or creating jobs but how to push his agenda.

    The American public isn’t willfully ignorant. It’s misinformed and the people that are informed are ignored or have no recourse.

    I have come to realize and now believe, “….there’s no two party system. There is only one party and that my friends is a corporate party that serves the 1% and the corporations. Our government has been taken over by corporate forces that have no loyalty to any nation but only to profit and they will exploit all humanity and the planet until collapse. Because like Chris Hedges says, “The only word they know is, “More!”

    • kipp said:

      I agree with you partially, as I usually do. And maybe even a little more than partially. I don’t think Obama tops the list of those to blame – not completely, and definitely not solely – and I don’t think there is a concerted conspiracy amongst the powers that be to keep the rest of us ignorant and powerless. But the system has been created, due to various reasons, by various people, and over a long span of time, to keep the populace complacent, uninformed, and unwittingly subjugated. Many factors have converged to create the current situation.

      What I’m more interested in, though, is if this is the way you feel, why did you support Mitt Romney? I agree with your reading of the situation, at least the broad strokes, and one of the main reasons I voted for Obama is because of this situation. Do you really think this situation would have been bettered by Mitt Romney? The man the corporatocracy hath wrought? He was the absolute posterboy for corporate, establishment America, and his campaign was based on this premise – it was his identity and was never something he denied. For the bazillionth time, I don’t deny that Obama is as flawed as some of his policies, but if you’re concerned about the collusion of government and corporate America, the imbalance of power between the haves and the have-nots, and the ongoing effort by those in charge to keep the rest of us down, how could Romney be your candidate?

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