Make the Next Drug Czar a Doctor


At the age of 19, when I was a college freshman, motivated by the promise of some quick cash and adventure, I embarked on a Hunter S. Thompson–esque road trip. I got in my rusted-out Impala and drove from Berkeley to San Diego with a few kilos of marijuana in the trunk. It was an uneventful drive south. I delivered the weed to a friend of a friend, slept on his couch and headed home.

On the way home, however, I was stopped by a highway-patrol officer outside the city of Salinas. The officer called for backup and more police arrived. They thoroughly searched the car, even looking under the spare tire and unscrewing a flashlight. They found nothing, because there was nothing to be found. I look back with abject horror at how much my life since then would have been different if I’d been stopped on my way…

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