This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

From the website (and I give enormous credit to whoever did the legwork in going through all of these):

One of the things that members of Congress do the worst is make graphs. You may have come across these graphs during a nightly-news segment. Some person in a suit is standing next to a graph on an easel like it’s their third grade science fair project, because even though we now live in the 21st century, we still can’t seem to advance beyond poster board. 

Thanks to the best C-SPAN employee ever, we can now present you with a compilation of the worst charts ever produced. A Tumblr called “Floor Charts” was created by Bill Gray. Gray has over 800 posts on his Tumblr of the worst pieces of visual representation this country has ever seen. From some of the worst graphic design ever recorded, to just being plain old unreadable, these posters have been a mainstay on the Congressional floor for decades. They will amaze and astound you in their terribleness.

3. “Make it” in Clip-Art.


4. “We repurposed a group project from 7th grade.”


7. “Let me explain this to you in terms you will understand.”



There are twenty-nine more. To see the rest, go here.


In honor of this special day – on which, once a year, we take special notice of each other by celebrating material capitalism, just as the one god Hallmark intended – I give you some Valentine’s Day cards, written by Democrats and Republicans, as imagined by the opposite party.

The Democrats, as imagined by the Republicans (more here):

card1 card2 card6

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If you do not click on this link, you will regret it.

Although, depending on your feelings about women, nudity, fish, and combinations of the three, you may immediately regret clicking on it even more.

Intrigued yet?

Blogger Tomas Gunnarsson took issue with specific examples of Fish & Fri‘s “fish porn” that he says glorify necrophilia and bestiality, and are also doubly objectifying of both “women and animals.”

“There is such misogyny in these pictures,” he told a local media outlet. “I’m thinking primarily of the images in which a woman is a fish that has teeth around her nipple and when a girl is playing dead in the water.”

How bout now?

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