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As a way of saying sorry for the unannounced Christmas/New Year’s hiatus – for those who noticed that I was, in fact, on hiatus, and experienced any sort of emotional distress or spiritual unmooring because of it – I offer you this comic, by the political satirist known as Tom Tomorrow, and reposted here from Daily Kos. It contains much more astute political observation than I could have given you.


…and a happy New Year!


Quoted at The Dish:

Three generations’ worth of Indian immigrants and their progeny would decorate a tree, wrap and exchange gifts, and even sing overtly religious songs like “Oh Holy Night.”  They were Hindus.  Not only weren’t they Christian, a number of them didn’t even really know all that much about Christian theology.  Yet there they were, not only “doing” Christmas, and not being threatened by it at all.  Hell, they were enjoying it as much as the next guy. …

Because in a nation where citizenship is based on a political ideal instead of an ethnicity, and where where national ethnicity itself, “American-ness,” is an incredibly dynamic and flexible thing, celebrating the secular, pop-culture version of Christmas is a fast track to actually being accepted.  It’s a harmless (though potentially expensive) form of assimilation. That’s what my Gujarati friends understood. Celebrating the birth of Christ is a way to be Christian.  But decorating a tree, eating gingerbread cookies, exchanging gifts, and even singing “Fa La La,” is a way to be American.

-df0fce338be991d2As a general rule, if you’re trying to tell whether you and one other person are nuts…ask a thirdperson. Preferably someone outside the asylum.

-Jon Stewart, in regards to Gretchen Carlson posing the question “am I nuts” for believing that there is a war on Christmas.

And while we’re at it, watch this video, which is a clip of The Daily Show depicting Jon Stewart explaining Christianity to Bill O’Reilly. So good, it must be fattening.

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